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Having spent seventeen years as a Hospital CEO and a CPA, I have experienced this stress first hand. This keynote program takes participants on a journey they won’t want to end. It begins by showing participants the origins of stressful feelings and how humor is a proven tool in combating these feelings. I offer practical ways to include more humor in your life and work, along with stories that are guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

Whether you came here deliberately or stumbled upon this page from a search, thank you. You may think healthcare is a boring, snooze-worthy subject, but what if you could find the information you need about it along with a few laughs? Here, you can find out about how a healthcare keynote speaker can be entertaining and informative without resorting to raunchy or off-color humor. Even doctors will tell you that laughter is therapeutic, so why not use it to coat the bitter pill of a speech on a potentially dry topic?

Kent Rader is a funny healthcare motivational speaker. The humor keeps you engaged and awake while learning. His clean comedy, interlaced with his knowledge and experience running hospitals, makes him the ideal keynote speaker for a large group in need of a little break in their day.

With healthcare speakers like Kent Rader, you will not have to worry about dragging people to come. When people hear who the speaker will be, they will be sure to willingly flock to the event. That is because Kent Rader’s specific brand of clean comedy has earned him high praise, including the award for being the best at the Branson Comedy Festival in 2007.

The skills required to be an effective and funny healthcare motivational speaker are many, and Kent Rader has acquired those through years of experience as both a public speaker and a hospital administrator. He does not just repeat facts and figures that can be found anywhere; his talks are drawn from his 12 years in the healthcare industry as a hospital CFO and CEO and his 15 years giving public speeches. His talks are finely crafted to be both educational and entertaining. It is his legendary comedy and public speaking prowess that put him in high demand for talks across the country.

The lighthearted jokes he uses help to break up the monotony of a business day and the weighty matter of the subject of healthcare. Though a divisive issue, Kent Rader’s ability is to grab and hold his audience’s attention throughout the talk without offending or enraging them. While other healthcare speakers can drone on about statistics, politics, laws, or other minutiae, Rader delivers his points with style and humor, preventing wandering minds and attendees who pay more attention to the email messages on their cell phones than the speaker. During Rader’s talks, your group will be so interested that they may forget they have cell phones.

Don’t waste your group’s time by having a boring speaker no one will listen to. If you are looking to have a healthcare keynote speaker talk to your group, consider Kent Rader‘s distinctive form of public speaking with a comedic edge. You can be assured that people will not try to skip out or sleep through his discussions. He will prove to be the funny and fascinating speaker you require for your group. Book him today to create the basis for an event that will be in high demand for your group members to attend.

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