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When it comes to governmental conferences, it is critical to have a remarkable convention keynote speaker that can establish a positive tone for the rest of the event. Kent Rader has deep experience as a keynote speaker, and has on multiple occasions demonstrated the unique ability to tackle tough, interesting topics with a humorous tone.

Kent Rader’s adventure from spreadsheets to center stage is detailed in his latest program, From Funny to Money: Four Business Principles Learned on My Journey from Accounting to Comedy, which offers true, hilarious stories steeped in solid leadership advice. The program has earned rave reviews. Dru Bradford of the Oklahoma Certified Public Managers commented after Kent’s keynote:

“Kent Rader was our conference’s afternoon keynote and as usual the attendees were looking a bit tired at the end of the long day. Once Kent began to talk, the room became electrified. Throughout Kent’s presentation, the attendees squealed with laughter! And that includes grown men. At the end, there was so much positive energy in the room I could hardly recognize it. It was truly a transformative event – not only because of the humor Kent shared, but also because the attendees recognized that the wisdom Ken shared from his management experience could be applied to everyone’s everyday work and family lives.”

Professional keynote speakers know how to set a tone, deliver unique and compelling talks, and sync in with the atmosphere and expectations of any particular event. Kent Rader offers a selection of keynote speeches, all of which can be finely-tuned to fit your programming schedule and provide your attendees with an engaging and memorable experience that will inspire them to make the most of the conference.

conference keynote speaker delivers information, motivation, and advice. Kent Rader offers all that and more — you’ll get everything you’d expect from him, along with the highly-polished styling of the world’s cleanest comedian. Kent’s act has been fine-tuned at conferences, keynotes, and comedy clubs across the country, and is guaranteed to be nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Whatever the topic of your conference, Kent Rader can find a way to inspire and entertain. Governmental conferences are in many ways similar to traditional business conferences, and Kent’s material has always proven to be a big hit wherever he takes it.
If you want to entertain, inspire, and educate, then Kent Rader should be the keynote speaker of choice.

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