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Kent’s stress reduction keynote titled Let It Go, Just Let It Go is the most popular among educators. Your audience will love this entertaining, yet informative keynote. Our educational industry is experiencing shortages of certified teachers and recent studies report more than half of today’s new graduates will be out of teaching in five years. The number one reason cited for both phenomenon is the stress associated with today’s schools. Having a wife who is a teacher in the public schools, I am familiar with this stress first hand. This keynote program takes participants on a journey they won’t want to end. It begins by showing participants the origins of stressful feelings and how humor is a proven tool in combating these feelings. I offer practical ways to include more humor in your life and why it is important to model the positive use of humor for students, along with stories that are guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

Kent’s new keynote program is titled Happier Teachers Develop Successful Students is perfect for school leaders as it focuses on improving education by developing happier teachers. This keynote program offers the basics for world class customer service and encourages leaders to truly serve their customers (students, parents, and the community). My unique experience as first a hospital CFO and CPA and now a professional speaker affords an entertaining and informative program bringing the best practices of the business community into our schools. Participants will learn the importance of educating and empowering employees so they are unafraid to think and act on their own when serving our students, developing happier students by developing happier teachers because our employee relations mirror our customer relations, listening to our customer’s complaints to continuously improve our products and service, and bringing more humor into our schools as it not only hopes develop happier teachers, but we teach children how to use humor in their life. As always, this program includes stories guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

Education is a serious subject, but too often, those who drone on about it in dry speeches do little to motivate the educators. Enter Kent Rader. He is one of the few not-so-serious educational motivational speakers, with a background of 15 years of public speaking. Unlike other speakers, Kent Rader draws his listeners into the subject, keeping them rapt throughout the talk. He is unlike any other speaker you will find, and that is a good thing.

Kent Rader’s ability to engage and motivate his audience comes from the liberal doses of comedy he adds to his talks. These boost the endorphins of those in the audience. If you have ever attended one of his speeches, you probably left with your sides hurting from laughing so hard. A bit of laughter is ideal for getting out the stress of working in education. If you have educators who need motivating and seem wound up from stress, you need one of the available funny educational keynote speakers like Kent Rader.

Education often feels like a thankless job for teachers and administrators alike, but with the right motivation, those in the education field can get a new perspective on what they are really doing and how it helps their students. As an education keynote speakerKent Rader gives them the motivation they need to improve their teaching tactics. The results are better educators who really feel like they are making a difference and students who learn more from their motivated teachers.

Don’t be fooled, though. His speeches are always informative as well as funny. Kent Rader is among the top funny educational keynote speakers around. He has won comedy awards for his clean comedy, including the 2007 Branson Comedy Festival. If you elect to bring him to your group, you will quickly see why. When speaking to educators, he engages his audience, lighting a fire under their feet. As soon as they leave, you will see a change in the way they think about education and how they teach. Your newly motivated group can begin planning to implement the changes they want to see and get started on improving the school the very same day.

Changing the way America prepares its youth for the future is a monumental task. Federal, state and local governments all try to play a role in what is taught and how it is taught. Part of the secret of putting good education ideas into action is the degree of motivation of the educators. By speaking to individual groups of educators and motivating them through his humorous and engaging speeches, Kent Rader is doing his part to slowly turn around education in the United States.

If you are looking for a way to get your teachers and administrators excited about education again, consider scheduling Kent Rader as your education keynote speaker. His brand of informative humor will go a long way to easing stress and motivating your group of educators. Contact Kent Rader today to book a funny education motivational speech that can make a difference for those in your group and the students they educate.

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