Funny Government + Non-Profit Keynote Speaker

Kent Rader - Funny Goverment + Non-Profit Keynote Speaker

Being a former hospital CFO-CEO, Kent’s two keynote programs are perfect for your government or non-profit audience.

Your audience will love the entertaining, yet informative keynote titled Let It Go, Just Let It Go. The U.S. Department of Labor survey states 49% of the employees in our country dislike their jobs with a third of them looking for positions in other industries. The number one reason cited by these individuals is the stress associated in most companies today.

Retaining quality employees is essential to an organization's financial future. Having spent seventeen years as a Hospital CEO and a CPA, Kent has experienced this stress first hand. This keynote program takes participants on a journey they won't want to end. It begins by showing participants the origins of stressful feelings and how humor is a proven tool in combating these feelings. I offer practical ways to include more humor in your life and work, along with stories that are guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

Kent’s keynote titled From Money To Funny, Management Lessons Learned on My Journey From Accounting to Comedy is perfect for anyone in a leadership position. His unique experience as first a hospital CFO and CPA and now a professional speaker affords an entertaining and informative program filled with practical suggestions that can help you better manage your organization and employees. Participants will learn the importance of honesty, educating and empowering employees, developing happier employees because employee relations mirror customer relations, listening to our customer's complaints to continuously improve our products and service, and, as always, stories guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

What Kent's Audience is Saying

"You recently spoke in College Station. Just want to say thank you and I really enjoyed your great humor! I would love to share it with my family by showing them your DVD. Being a baby boomer myself I could relate to many of your jokes. I will recommend you to any other groups for a needed release of stress by laughter. Thank you again."

- Participants from Texas Government
Public Purchasing Association


"Hi Kent. I met you just briefly at the end of your presentation. I just have to tell you I LOVED your presentation. Such a beautiful mix of hard punching content and laugh out loud funny. I still chuckle when I think of the staple gun bit! I hope we have the chance to hear you again. I know I could listen to you 50 times and still laugh. What a gift you've got!! Wishing you all the best!"

- Audience Member