1. We are not sure if we've properly named the items under Programs + Services.  Please let me know via email.
  2. The new website build will be using verbiage from your existing website and you will also be providing updated content for Programs and Services.  We will also be moving and adjusting content as necessary to create a more intuitive site experience for users and for SEO purposes.
  3. The new home page will continue to include a link to request a Free DVD.
  4. As we started this sitemap process we realized that we should be including easy access to some of your YouTube videos to give people a flavor for your work and style.
  5. The blog will include all of your previous blog posts, minus the notation of dates and the images that are currently included in them.  In addition, you will be providing up to 5 new articles and personalized pictures/images that will be added to the front of the blog.
  6. The contact page will include links to your two social media platforms - Facebook and LinkedIn - and will also include a link to an easy to use Flash Briefing location.
  7. We will be including in the footer of the new site a link to your other website, 'babyboomercomedyshow.com'.
  8. We will be doing keyword/phrase research to determine the best words for SEO -- e.g., Funny Keynote Speaker vs. Humorous Keynote Speaker etc.
  9. The sitemap layout you see here will not be customer facing.  This is for illustrative purposes only to identity website page architecture on the back end.
  10. The yellow menu you see in the top right is the Ancillary Menu and these links will be found at the bottom of your site design as part of website best practices.
  11. Once the sitemap is approved, we will share a Google Drive folder with you for use in sharing content with us.

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