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Keynote Healthcare Speaker

Whether you came here deliberately or stumbled upon this page from a search, thank you. You may think healthcare is a boring, snooze-worthy subject, but what if you could find the information you need about it along with a few laughs? Here, you can find out about how a healthcare keynote speaker can be entertaining and informative without resorting to raunchy or off-color humor. Even doctors will tell you that laughter is therapeutic, so why not use it to coat the bitter pill of a speech on a potentially dry topic?

Keynote Education Speaker

Education is a serious subject, but too often, those who drone on about it in dry speeches do little to motivate the educators. Enter Kent Rader. He is one of the few not-so-serious educational motivational speakers, with a background of 15 years of public speaking. Unlike other speakers, Kent Raderdraws his listeners into the subject, keeping them rapt throughout the talk. He is unlike any other speaker you will find, and that is a good thing.

Keynote Convention Speaker

conference keynote speaker sets the tone for the entire event. If you are looking to include funny conference motivational speakers at your next event, look no further than Kent Rader. As a convention keynote speaker, he has been called “the hit of the conference” and a “wonderful addition.” As the world’s cleanest comedian, Kent Rader is appropriate for almost any audience.

Governmental Conference Speaker

When it comes to governmental conferences, it is critical to have a remarkable convention keynote speaker that can establish a positive tone for the rest of the event. Kent Rader has deep experience as a keynote speaker, and has on multiple occasions demonstrated the unique ability to tackle tough, interesting topics with a humorous tone.

Keynote Banking Speaker

From an outsider’s perspective, the world of banking and finance is a strict, data-oriented world full of unexciting people and dense spreadsheets. However, anyone who’s ever worked in the banking sector is more than aware that banking and finance draw as many colorful characters and experiences as any other profession, and banking and finance conference attendees like to have fun as much as anybody else.


Company History

Let It Go, Just Let It Go: Your audience will love the entertaining, yet informative keynote titled “Let It Go, Just Let It Go”. The U.S. Department of Labor survey states 49% of the employees in our country dislike their jobs with a third of them looking for positions in other industries. The number one reason sited by these individuals is the stress associated in most companies today. Retaining quality employees is essential to an organization’s financial future.

Having spent seventeen years as a Hospital CEO and a CPA, I have experienced this stress first hand. This keynote program takes participants on a journey they won’t want to end. It begins by showing participants the origins of stressful feelings and how humor is a proven tool in combating these feelings. I offer practical ways to include more humor in your life and work, along with stories that are guaranteed to make your audience laugh and your conference a success.

” Kent’s new program, Dreams Do Come True, Leadership Lessons Learned on My Journey from Accounting to Comedy was a wonderful addition to our annual conference. His life lessons are creatively told with touching stories and laugh-out-loud comedy. His leadership advice is important and useful to any member of the workplace team. Kent has an amazing gift, and we are grateful he joined us at Kansas Home Care Association!”

My Blog

Company History

Life’s a Beach

I am not a beach person. First of all, beaches are often in hot, humid, tropical climates and 60 degrees is about as warm as I ever want to be.

Secondly, I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies and one is I never walk barefoot anywhere. The minute I get out of bed I put on socks and shoes, always in the same order, left sock, left shoe, right sock, right shoe and I don’t take them off unless I shower or go back to bed.


Having finished being a healthcare keynote speaker for the Idaho Healthcare Financial Managers Association in McCall, I’m driving back to Boise to catch a flight for my Baby Boomer Comedy Show in Oregon. I stop at a McDonald’s for a cup of coffee and stretch my legs. Walking in I see an elderly woman throwing her trash away. Some of it falls to the floor. As I’m picking it up for her, she comments, “My, there still are gentlemen in the world.” I respond, “Yes, plus it saves my mom having to drive from Missouri to beat me for being rude. It’s such a long drive, what with gas prices and all.”

I Know Just How The Cat In The Hat Feels

Being a healthcare and education keynote speaker and co-star of The Baby Boomer Comedy Show, Clean Comedy For People Born Before Seat Belts, it’s hard to explain what I do for a living to our seven year-old grandson, Kai. Sure, he’s seen me perform on television and youtube but he thinks I’m just screwing around like I do with him when he’s at our house.

Through Sickness and In Health, Even in August

Being an educational and healthcare keynote speaker, August is a busy month for me and this August was no exception. I was gone 19 days visiting 12 states, three of them twice and not only did I have all the usual hassles of travel including late flights, eating alone, and TSA searching my bags (If […]


My assistant, Melanie, picked me up at the airport following my flight home after being the closing governmental keynote speaker for the Oklahoma Certified Public Manager’s meeting recently. Melanie’s daughter, Sarah Kate, was in her car seat accompanied by her pre-school class’s mascot, a stuffed animal named Freddie the Frog.

A Friend in Need is a Friend In Deed

Years before becoming an educational and healthcare keynote speaker, I was doing a breakout session at the Oklahoma Education Association conference. I was nervous and tense because it was the first time I was ever speaking on stress. Matters were not made easier because the entire time I was speaking, coming through the accordion walls […]

Biking with Twyla on the Erie Canal

Last week my wife, Twyla, accompanied me to Clayton, New York for my Baby Boomer Comedy Show, Clean Comedy For People Born Before Seatbelts. The trip was bittersweet because I love having her travel with me and this was her last trip of summer vacation before she returns to being an art teacher in a public […]

Humor is in The Ear of the Beholder

Last Monday I was an educational keynote speaker for the South Georgia Community Action and Head Start in Moultrie, Georgia. Arriving at dinner time Sunday night, I went to Applebees for a bite to eat before checking into my hotel. Ordering a beer with my meal, the waitress says, “We don’t serve beer on Sunday.” Thinking it […]

He Who Laughs Last Thinks Slowest

I saw this on a bumper sticker last week while riding my bike around town. Bumper stickers are a glimpse into the driver’s attitudes, beliefs, and even mentality. When President George W. Bush was in office, there was one stating, “Some village in Texas is missing their idiot.” George Bush is not the smartest guy […]

Have a Great Summer

My wife, Twyla, is a public school art teacher and this week she began her summer vacation. She has seventy five days without children. She has seventy-five days without morning duty, bus duty, or lunch duty. She has seventy-five days without collaboration or curriculum meetings. She has seventy five days to rest, relax, recuperate, and […]